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Horton Sliding Door Systems

Horton Automatic sliding door systems are primarily used in a range of commercial and industrial applications.
Smart Doors offers the best choices available to meet your specific needs include

  • 7- to 16-foot unit widths
  • 2- , 3-, or 4-panel designs
  • Single, bi-parting, or telescoping
  • Anodized aluminum, stainless clad or painted finishes
  • Narrow, Medium, and Wide stile configurations
  • Choice of all-glass Elegant design
  • For more information on Horton Doors products please contact Standard Sliding Belt Drive

Profiler® Sliding 2000B Elite Door System

Designed with the smallest header in the industry, the Profiler® 2000B elite is the preferred sliding door amongst architects. The system is available in non, partial, and full breakout configurations and is engineered with the smallest header in the industry.

Standard Sliding Linear Drive

Profile® Sliding 2000 Linear Door System

Designed with the smallest header in the industry. Driven by a linear drive system and is available in many hand configurations.

ProSlide 2003 Belt Drive

Designed with a six inch wide and high header, the ProSlide™ 2003 sliding belt drive system is used when an architect is looking for something that isn’t standard or heavy duty. This system is our Texas sized belt drive system.

Heavy Duty Sliding Belt Drive

HD-Slide™ Series 2001 Door System

Designed for heavy duty applications, this system uses a 2001 belt drive header and is available in non, partial and full breakout configurations

All-Glass Sliding Belt

HD-Slide Series 2500 Elegant Door Systems

Telescoping Sliding Belt Drive

ProSlide™ Sliding Telescoping Series 2003T Door Systems

Designed for narrow passageways that require additional net clear opening widths. Available with muntin bars and in non, partial, and full breakout configurations.

Combination Pressure Sliding


Automatic door systems designed where an anteroom is required. Available with concealed high-temperature gaskets or brush designs including self-closing operation. Tested for low air infiltration leakage.

Positive Pressure Sliding


Ideal for positive pressure applications such as operating rooms. Systems are tested for low air infiltration leakage and are self-closing.

Lead Lined Sliding (X-Ray)

Each lead-lined sliding door Horton Automatics manufacturers is custom. Contact Frank Mobbs at (361) 866-6621 for additional configuration options.Automatic lead-lined door system for X-Ray applications.

Blast Resistant Sliding Belt

2003 ProSlide Blast Door

Designed to meet the US Department of Defense United Facilities Criteria (UFC), the ProSlide Blast sliding door is your solution for addressing the following military requirements:

  • UFC 4-010-01 anti-terrorism standards for blast resistance
  • ASTM F2248-03 standard practice for specifying an equivalent 3-second duration during design loading for blast resistant glazing fabricated with laminated glass

UltraClean Atmospheric (ISO Class 3)

UltraClean™ Atmospheric I

Lab systems designed to meet ISO 14644-3 Class 3 applications. Built with a 2000 linear header, the UltraClean Atmospheric comes standard with a sealed motor and sloped stops.

UltraClean Atmospheric II

Single and Biparting Cleanroom Systems

These systems are Ideal for cleanrooms, air showers and pharmaceutical applications. Available in one, two or four panel configurations, these systems are designed with sloped stops for easy cleaning and are self-closing.

UltraClean Sterile

Food Preparation Sliding Door Solutions

The UltraClean Sterile is ideal for very low particulate applications such as food preparation facilities. Systems are available in one, two or four panel configurations with self-closing capability.


Large Sliding Industrial Door Systems

Horton Automatics RapidSlide industrial system is Ideal for very large openings in industrial settings. Systems are designed with one or two panel pocket configurations and are self-closing.

HD-Slide I

Single and Biparting Systems with Hollow Metal Panels

The HD-Slide I with hollow metal panels is ideal for industrial applications and is available with one or two panel pocket configurations. The systems are also self-closing.

HD-Slide II

Single and Biparting Systems with Aluminum and Glass Panels

The HD-Slide II with aluminum and glass panels is available in non-breakout single or biparting configurations. Ideal for industrial applications, these systems are built with self-closing devices.

Standard Sliding/Telescoping ICU

Profiler®-ICU Door Systems

Systems available in standard and custom non-smoke rated configurations with low profile headers. Comes standard with recessed pull handles or optional positive latching handles. Available in single, biparting, and telescoping configurations.

Smoke-Rated Sliding/Telescoping ICU

Profiler®-ICU Door Systems

The smoke-rated sliding ICU systems are available in multiple configurations with concealed high-temperature gaskets or brush designs. The systems may be designed with track or trackless bottoms and partial or full breakout configurations. Self-closing options are available along with mini-blind glass and/or fire-rated panels. The doors comes standard with a UL 1784 label applied at the factory that certifies that the systems exceed the air infiltration requirements of NFPA 105.

Standard Sliding Corridor

Profiler®-ICU Patient Room Corridor Door Systems

This patient room system comes with a pocket design and partial breakout.

Smoke-Rated Sliding Corridor

Profiler®-ICU Corridor Smoke-Rated

Doors designed for patient room and ICU applications. One of many unique benefits of these systems is the clear net openings of up to 61 3/4″ without the need to breakout. The Profiler-ICU smoke-rated corridor systems are available with or without positive latching and concealed high-temperature gaskets or brush designs.

Negative Pressure Sliding

2000-IDS and Self-Closing IDS Isolation Door Systems

Designed to meet the requirements for negative pressure applications. Available in automatic and manual systems. Systems come standard with self-closing mechanisms in trackless configurations. Both systems are available with the smoke-rated option that incudes the UL 1784 label on door for easy code complaince.